GEO Magazine

Greg White

Greg White shoots an editorial series for GEO Magazine. The Project is made up of four series, detailed below.

Arcelor Mittal
In short: Carbon Monoxide gasses are extracted from the steel plant process. Microbes are grown in what they call day care before they are old enough to ferment the Carbon Monoxide and turn it into Ethanol which can be used a clean alternative fuel.

CO2 is taken from the geothermal plant, mixed with water in a giant soda stream and pumped underground at a high pressure. The basalt rock and the thermal temperatures create a perfect environment to accelerate the process of turning the CO2 into stone to be stored forever underground.

Carbon2Chem aims at using emissions from steel production as raw material for chemicals. CO2 is an inevitable byproduct of pig iron production and C2C uses these steel mill gases to not only generate electricity, but also use them to produce valuable chemicals from them such as methanol that can be used to power vehicles.

Neustark removes CO2 from the atmosphere, permanently stores it in recycled concrete and cuts new emissions by reducing the use of cement.