Considered composition, crisp lighting and lucid colour are the hallmarks of Greg White’s award-winning photography. Intriguing stories emerge from the way he records what he sees, deciding which elements to keep and which to exclude from the frame. His work captures the gleaming symmetry of cars in studio or on the road, as well as the neat geometry or striking angularity of architecture, vast industrial spaces and natural landscapes. 

For his portraits and personal projects, he makes the most of quiet moments of connection between him and his subject to create an image that feels authentic and true. “When I strip away, simplifying the environment and losing any details that feel contrived, that’s when I come closest to capturing someone at their most authentic”.

Clients include Alpine, Aston Martin, Atmos Magazine, Avaunt Magazine, Audi, BMW, BNPP, BP, COI, Conde Nast, Ford, Glenmorangie, GQ, Hennessy, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, McLaren, Mercedes, Nike, SK-II, Sony, Peugeot, The Road Rat Magazine, Toyota, Vodafone, VW, Wallpaper*, William Lawson’s, Wired Magazine.