Now representing Ben Stockley

Ben Stockley

We are very excited to now be representing Photographer / Director Ben Stockley.

Seeking the sublime in the everyday, Ben’s work subtly elevates without fanfare.
Bestowing his subjects with a trademark splash of glowing, evocative colour, unexpected slices of light and velvety shadow.
Always walking a tantalisting line between reality and a dream, his imagery seduces the eye, leading one on an irresistible journey.

With deft adaptability, and an always thoughtful approach, Ben turns his lens from landscape & portraiture, to automotive and still-life commissions, bathing each in the luminosity which has earned him rightful respect and acclaim as a memorable creator and storyteller.

Ben’s client list include Volvo, HSBC, Desperados, Volkswagen, Natwest, ESSO, Nike, Sony, Martini, British Airways, Audi.