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Amy discovered her love of image making whilst taking childhood pictures with her Grandma's point and shoot. She delighted in the joy of the results, laying the foundations for a future in visual storytelling.

Armed with her Speedlite Flash, and an open mind, Amy turns the spotlight on her subjects, bringing them and their worlds to vibrant life. From dildo factories, to politicians and doggies in tiaras, there’s very little which escapes this photographic polymath’s gaze.
This creative impulse has led Amy to produce an impressively varied body of work; a returning goldmine being community meet-ups, including Paranormal Researchers, and Lesbian Cougars, and deep diving into the niche world of extreme toenail art, documenting these groups with heart, humanity and an unmissable sense of humour.

Her love of being in the moment and shooting ‘on the fly’ bolsters Amy with the ability to walk into any room and find the shot. “Have a road map, but allow yourself room for things to go in a completely different direction because sometimes that’s where the best moments are.”

Clients include Bud Light, Cointreau, ESPN, Google Pay, HBO, Me Undies, New York Times, Nomad Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotels, Prairie Vodka, PETA, Puma, TV series Claws, Uber Eats, Variety, Vice, WIRED

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