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Adrien Dubost composes his still life photographs as a painter might, making marks with the colour, texture, line and shape of the objects in frame and building tension by toying with the negative space around them. He is fascinated by a photographer’s ability to reinterpret his subject, and his spare, graphic work, injected with pops of colour, elevates luxury products and everyday objects alike.

“There is always a new way to see an object. A newspaper or a cup might not be interesting in itself, but when you bring them into a different environment – the minimalist space of a studio - you can give them a second life.”

Adrien has shot for Atkinsons, Bound Magazine, Cahu, Casa Kiton, Chanel, Curated by, Dream Magazine, Esquire, Lampoon Magazine, Nicotine Magazine, Ordinary Magazine, Ormaie Paris, Paul Smith, Tobias Grau, The Week Fashion, Port Magazine, Primary Paper, Wallpaper*

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